About our service

We fly daily between the 29th of March 2024 till 3rd of November 2024 in the Keszthely / Heviz area.
The balloon rides take place mostly in the late afternoons, however, depending on the demand we also do flights at the weekends early in the morning in the high season. We provide a free pick-up service from the cities Hévíz and Keszthely. We meet all other (self-drive) passengers at the MOL petrol station in Heviz (see map). At the take-off place we do a multi-lingual safety briefing, watch the balloon being inflated and go for an approximately one hour flight. We normally reach an altitude of 1000m to 1500m. The direction of the fight, the distance flown and the landing area depend entirely on the weather conditions. After landing we serve a glass of bubbly (also alchohol free), mineral water and fruit juices for the children. As part of the „landing ceremony” we also present personalised flight certificates to our passengers. Once it is all done, we take you back to your accommodation / meeting point.
The whole programme is about three hours.
There is a HD video and photo avaialable that the passengers can order after the flight. The price of the video only FT8000.00. The photo is FT4000.00 and the video and photo combined is FT10000.00

Useful tips and advice

Weare comfortable „leisure / sporty” clothing. Long trousers, t-shirt, walking/sport shoes, in spring and autumn a light jacket is recommended. High-heeled shoes and flip-flops are not suitable. Not allowed in the balloon: bags of any kind (including camera bags) water bottles, selfie stick, food, flammable items, drone and animals! You are allowed to bring: One video / photo camera per person, one mobile phone or tablet, a jersey or a jacket. In the balloon basket and within 30m of the basket smoking is prohibited.

Who can fly?

Ballooning is NOT and extreme sport, however we need to keep in mind that the passengers have to stand for about an hour in the basket.

People we are not allowed to fly:

Children under 6, sever mobility challenged persons, a person who had a serious surgery within the last six months, anyone with chronic spinal problems, pregnant ladies (over three months).
Ballooning is also not recommended for persons with heart and psychiatric problems. Unfortunately we are not able to accommodate persons in wheelchairs. Persons under the influence of alchohol will be asked to stay on the ground.
We would like to aks you to be punctual at the pre-arranged location. It can happen that our vehicle runs a few minutes late due to the number of pick-ups. In this case, please wait for us patiently. We always arrive!

How can you book?

Since there are limited number of places (18) available in our balloon, prior booking is essential. You will find availability on our website always for the next 5-7 days. Naturally you can also book for a later date and it is highly recommended that you book weeks in advnce in the summer season! You can book by calling +36 20 403 2667 (available on WhatsApp too) seven days a week in the season between 09:00 and 17:00, Monday-Friday between 09:00-17:00 in the off-season, or by email on Your booking will be confirmed by SMS, WhatsApp or email. In case of bookings over 4 persons, a 10% deposit is required at the time of booking.

What happens if the flight is cancelled due to weather?

Balloon flights are weather dependent. We cannot fly in surface winds over 16km / hour, thunder storms, in rain and in fog. The pilot in command makes the final decision about the flight about three hours before the planned flight. In case of weather cancellation, we shall inform our passengers by SMS and usually offer an alternative flight date. We inform our passengers as early as possible to avoid any inconvenience. Our passengers can cancel or modify their bookings up to 24 hours before the flight date. Please note that full payment will be required (no refund) if cancelled within 24 hours of the flight date. At Balaton Ballooning we do our best to ensure that all flights are safe. We also do our best not to cause any inconvenience, however we have no influence over the following:

  1. The weather
  2. How far you live from our flying area (Keszthely)
  3. When you have days off from work, your general schedule

We can take only the weather into consideration of all the above.

Method of Payment

You can book and pay with a credit card on-line or alternatively directly to the pilot after landing with credit card and / or cash.

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